New York Pro Basketball Betting Guide

New York is home to two professional basketball teams, and some of the most loyal fans in the country. It is very likely that when basketball fans in the Empire State consider betting on basketball, they have the Knicks or the Nets in mind. Despite stringent federal laws that govern US based sports betting in the United States, there are still some very viable and high quality New York basketball betting sites that are licensed to provide their services to New York residents. These sportsbooks are actually regulated and located outside of the USA, allowing them to legally offer sports gambling to NY fans without violating any state or federal laws. We have included a listing of our recommended sportsbooks for enjoying legal, licensed and high performance New York sports betting. If you'd like to learn more about the laws governing sports betting in NY, then you can visit our guide to NY betting laws. If you enjoy betting on basketball, you may also enjoy our guide to betting on New York pro football teams.

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Betting on New York Professional NBA Teams

New York Knicks

The Knicks are a very old team that was established in 1946. Today, they are considered the most valuable team financially in all of the NBA. In 2014, the Knicks were 3rd in the East Atlantic Division. They were 26-26 in conference play, and were 37-45 overall. There is some hope for this team. Phil Jackson is named as the President of the organization and he is responsible for 11 NBA Championships with the Bulls and the Lakers. The head coach for the NY Knicks is Derek Fisher, who won 5 NBS titles while playing for Jackson as a Laker. Get more information about this team on our page covering options for betting on the NY Knicks.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets finished 2nd in the East Atlantic Division in 2013, with 26-26 in conference play, and had a 44-38 record overall. They made the playoffs in 2013 after a very rocky start, and won in the initial playoff round, but eventually lost in game 5 of the conference semi-finals. There are some positives to look for in the next season. First, all-star Brook Lopez should be back at full strength (averaged 20.7 points). He had an injury that sidelined him in December of 2013, but he should be back to help the team for the 2014 season. Next, Deron Williams should be at full strength as well. Many are predicting that his 2014 season will be markedly better than the last and the hope is that he will be a better team leader as point guard. Get more information about this team through our guide to betting on the Brooklyn Nets.